Today the Web site for KGO, San Francisco’s ABC-TV affiliate, published a story in which BART and Peet’s Coffee are gearing up to open a few mini-cafés at various BART stations: BART to open Peet’s coffee shops at six stations. (OK, the link is to the Fresno affiliate’s version of the story — without the ads on the ABC 7 version.)

What’s amusing is the coffee indifference ABC 7’s “man in the street,” Terry McSweeney, receives from his interview subjects.

UPDATE: Oct. 8, 2008
After much debate, the idea of allowing commuters to bring their coffee on BART trains met with firm resistance: BART Staff Shoots Down Coffee Proposal – News Story – KTVU San Francisco.

While we love coffee, we have to side with the many surveyed BART riders who voted against allowing beverages on trains. It’s bad enough that we’ve allowed the public to treat movie theaters like their living rooms; we don’t need to encourage people to treat public trains like the floor mats of their cars. (As if coffee in “to go” cups wasn’t enough of an atrocity to begin with.) Now who advocated this idea that we should be able to perform all bodily functions in all public places at all times?