Yesterday’s New York magazine online reviewed the new East Village coffee bar named Abraço: Abraço — New York Magazine Restaurant Review. Just opened Oct. 17th of this year, one of its partners is also famously the former Blue Bottle Coffee Co. barista, Jamie McCormick.

The review also oddly noted, “The thought of ranking coffee bars never crossed our minds. And for good reason: How do you review a coffee bar? Or rather, why would you?” With questions like that, is it any wonder why the general quality of NYC coffee is so inexcusably poor — and why (as indicated in a recent survey) New York ranked second only to Dallas/Ft. Worth for the lowest rate of coffee consumption among American cities?

On one hand, Abraço should (hopefully) do extremely well given the general lack of alternatives. On the other hand, the phrase “like pearls before swine” does come to mind. (My coffee snobbery is clearly showing, but New York’s coffee standard is beyond any comprehension.) Hopefully Jamie and company will experience more of the former as part of the movement that’s starting to open the deadened eyes and taste buds of New York coffee drinkers.

NYC's East Village is now home to Abraço

The New York Times “Dining Briefs” section picked up Abraço for a review: The New York Times > New York City Restaurant Reviews – NEW PLACES – Abraço Espresso. Surprisingly, they didn’t follow the usual habit of reviewing coffee bars as they would gas stations. They actually used adjectives when describing their coffee.