Now that I am back from my two weeks in Piemonte, Italy — recovering from jet lag and a major caffeine bender — this recently found article seemed like a good start to get back into the swing of things: Feeding My Coffee Addiction in Chile – The Santiago Times – English Language Newspaper in Santiago, Chile – News in Chile and Latin America.

In it, an Australian — who, IMO, spends a bit too much time trying to convince us of his nation’s coffee snobbery pedigree — shares some of his favorite cafés serving good espresso in Santiago, Chile. In downtown Santiago’s fashionable Bellas Artes neighborhood, in specific. Whatever you think, it has to beat the alternative of “a plastic packet, a cup of hot water and a stirrer” — where powdered milk and sugar are already pre-mixed in the stuff.

As for Piemonte, I’m sitting on a bundle of reviews and photos — which I unfortunately have to save for posting later, over time, and when I am more lucid. Until then, I’ll leave you with a photo from outside one of my favorite cafés in the area (this week as in my last visit in 2004): Caffè Mulassano in Torino.

Caffè Mulassano in Torino: traditional espresso with an attitude