From yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, the praise is rolling in for Vancouver’s 49th Parallel Roasters, a new coffee destination established by Vince and Mike Piccolo (the former of Caffè Artigiano fame): Vancouver’s new cafe wins best coffee in region.

49th Parallel Coffee Roaters - if the name says 'Piccolo', it's got to be good.Just don’t ask what Krups is doing as self-appointed tastemakers of good espresso via the annual Krups Kup of Excellence. As if it wasn’t enough that the Kings of Bad Home Koffee weren’t behind it, the rural Oregon spelling was the klincher.

Meanwhile, Mikwaukee’s Alterra Coffee Roasters once again topped their city’s local best of 2007, according to OnMilwaukee: Dining: Milwaukees best coffee shop / cafe, 2007: Alterra.