This bakery has been in operation since 1914. While today it is Italian in name, like much of modern North Beach it has a distinctive Latino flair in how it is run today (even if its immediate location is more Chinatown than North Beach). There’s limited outdoor seating along Vallejo St., a wide array of pastries under glass indoors, and a map of Lucca over the espresso bar.

Approaching the Victoria Pastry Co. on Stockton St. The Victoria Pastry Co. sells ... pastries!

They use Caffé Roma beans for drip coffee and Graffeo for espresso (as the branding about shows). Using a two-group La Caramali, they pull large espresso shots with a swirl of medium and lighter brown crema. The larger pull means it’s a little watery, and the resulting cup has a muted peppery flavor.

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Espresso bar inside the Victoria Pastry Co. The Victoria Pastry Co. espresso