Today featured an article on Pete Rogers of the San Leandro-based Rogers Family Co.: Inside Bay Area – Compassion drives coffee company’s success. The article emphasized the Rogers Family Co.’s commitment to helping Central and South American coffee growers by buying directly from them and working to improve their living conditions. Most recently, Peter Rogers and his company have been reaching out to Africa — Rwanda in specific.

Although the Rogers Family Co. runs the very high-minded Organic Coffee Co. (the family apparently doesn’t like to spell out the word “Company”), puzzlingly they also run San Francisco Bay Coffee — one of the cheapest and crudest grade coffee supplies available in the Bay Area. It’s most commonly found at Costco outlets, and it seems to have a shelf life longer than Twinkies.

The article oddly makes no mention of San Francisco Bay Coffee, and your guess is as good as mine as to what’s in it and what the people on the producing end are getting paid for it. Whether or not it constitutes the black sheep of the Rogers Family, one thing is for sure: it’s coffee without any kind of greater purpose.

San Francisco Bay coffee - it will outlive everything but the roaches