From today’s ABC News (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – that ABC News), Big Four coffee giant, Nestlé, is seeking to obtain exclusive rights to two rather generic images of coffee in a coffee mug: Copyright moves ignite coffee controversy – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

The two images Nestlé is trying to copyright — one of black coffee in a white cup viewed from above and the other of a red coffee mug viewed from the front — could expose anyone else in the Australian coffee industry to potential breach of copyright lawsuits should the coffee images they use be deemed similar enough. (For the record, Nestlé has already registered the word “decaf” in Australia.)

One can only guess that Nestlé will soon copyright the stale, rancid, un-coffee-like flavor of Taster’s Choice and sue espresso bars all over America for royalties.

Nothing says great coffee flavor like acesulfame potassium in rabbit dropping form!