Just to prove my point about how the French get away with coffee atrocities while profiting from an undeserved reputation for being such café sophisticates, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse in the new Sarkozy era: Artsick > Other > New Grounds in Coffee: The French Onion Roast. In an unholy alliance between Nescafé and Mayor McCheese, the French have apparently taken their usual bitter black tar coffee, topped it with croutons, added liberal amounts of grated fromage, and then broiled that sucker into a gratinée a la French onion soup.

Somewhere in the rear of some Parisian café, a bitter, Camus-reading Frenchman has found a brief respite from his failed culinary career and is now laughing his ass off.

French onion roast coffee: sick and wrong has a new flavor