In case you need more evidence that the legal profession has an endless supply of ready-made idiot consumer lawsuits, recently a 17-year-old “unwittingly” gave herself a caffeine overdose by drinking seven double espressos at her family’s sandwich shop: BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wear | Girl overdoses on espresso coffee.

While a caffeine dosage equivalent to at least 80 espressos is required to kill a person, don’t rule out the future possibility of some accidental suicide. When it comes to consumption habits, people are behaving more and more like dogs locked in a closet with a three-week supply of Purina Chuck Wagon. Can an idiot lawsuit leading to health warning labels on espresso drinks be far behind?

Warning: Consuming more than ten chuck wagons per day may cause health risks.

UPDATE: Aug. 23, 2007
Paranoia mode: on. Like the hypochondriacs in the early 1990s who worried that their new use of cell phones was going to give them high risks of brain cancer, we now have communities new to specialty coffee that fret over one foolish teenage girl signaling a deadly coffee menace for everyone: Living – Health – Danger that lurks in your mug.

Coffee has been consumed safely by humans for centuries, and yet we fret about it more than we worry about energy bars of dubious, very recent origins. Of course, the truth is that only witches drink specialty coffee — so any worries over health concerns are moot given that all specialty coffee drinkers should all be burned at the stake or drowned on boiling oil.