Recently we reported on Colombia’s Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (Federcafé), originators of the Juan Valdez marketing campaign, and their recent partnership with Coca-Cola to produce Juan Valdez-branded shelf-stable coffee concentrate. If that marketing move didn’t scream “Juan Valdez quality,” just wait for Juan Valdez-branded ethanol: Coffee gives you energy… for your car. – AutoblogGreen.

A research group paid by Federcafé found that coffee grains have enough sugar content to effectively ferment as ethanol. The study even affirmed that coffee has a higher sugar content per bushel than corn (put that in your Iowa corn subsidies and ferment it!). Federcafé’s Director, Gabriel Silva, announced that the first coffee-based ethanol manufacturing plants will be ready for 2008.

While this sounds like a much better use for low grade coffee stocks than, say, drinking them (Love My Carpet latte, anyone?), how long before people start confusing Juan Valdez with his brother, Exxon?

Colombian coffee growers seem to be facing challenges similar to Starbucks: how to keep up the image of quality while simultaneously cranking up production volume.

Juan's brother was always the dark sheep of the family