This combination pizza parlor (they serve square pizzas) and wine bar has numerous small café tables indoors and counter seating at the bar/pizza ovens. There’s also limited sidewalk seating out front. The décor is their namesake Roman film studios of Fellini’s 1950s, complete with movie posters (plus an AS Roma kit on the wall by the wine rack).

Approaching Cinecittà San Francisco Homage to the era of Fellini's 1950s Roma

Using a two-group La Spaziale near the pizza ovens, they meticulously pre-heat their Miscela d’Oro logo ACF cups and properly brew espresso shots straight into the cup. It’s the right, modest pour size, and it comes with a deep brown speckled crema of decent richness — though the thickness could be better.

It has a sharper (almost bitter) herbal flavor with some weakness in the body despite its size. There’s also something of a lingering dry-mouth aftertaste. But even so, this is espresso as handled by people who are knowledgeable and care. They also produce good milk frothing.

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The La Spaziale at the Cinecittà bar The Cinecittà espresso