The National Coffee Association (NCA) just recently released their annual report on coffee-drinking trends in the U.S.: National Coffee Drinking Trends Main Page – National Coffee Association. Yes, the NCA — those dinosaur progenitors of the SCAA, from way back when percolators and instant coffee that tasted like ground kitty litter roamed the earth — is still around and kicking. Relevance be damned. But the NCA publishes an annual coffee consumption report based on national market research.

The short of the report this year? Apparently 18- to-24-year olds are responsible for most of the increases in coffee consumption in the past year (daily, weekly, and annual consumption). They are also the only age group that showed an increase in daily gourmet coffee beverage consumption, and they had largest increase in weekly gourmet coffee beverage consumption. Apparently you need a lot of coffee to stay awake hanging out on Facebook all the time. However, people 40 and up showed the largest growth in consumption of gourmet coffee beverages over the past year.

Also of note: last year the market penetration of coffee among American adults surpassed that of soft drinks, reversing a two-decades-old trend.