From today’s Edmonton Journal, a café co-owner, Antonio Bilotta, has said “enough is enough” to the environmental waste of paper cups for take-out coffee beverages: A cup of coffee to go — and hold the cup. Quoting the article and Mr. Bilotta:

“If your product is so good, then force the customers.”

Bilotta wants to see people relax long enough to sit down in his cafe and drink their coffee from proper cups. Alternately, he’d like to see them bring in their own mugs.

He’s my hero. And I don’t care if it saves killer bees — at least give me the option to drink my espresso out of an adult cup once in a while, and I’m all for it.

San Francisco also gets a special citation in the article: even the Canadians are aware of city efforts to abolish bottled water.

My new hero pouring in real-ish cups.