The American Chronicle can be a pretty hokey online rag, but once in a while they feature the occasional gem — like today’s interview with Barefoot Coffee Roasters‘ founder and all around cool guy, Andy Newbom: American Chronicle: Andy Newbom of Silicon Valley – Founder of Barefoot Coffee Roasters. In the interview, Andy reveals how he started out as a coffee hater, if not for his wife.

Andy recalls a foodie trade show where after 11 terrible espressos, he had given up on coffee and was ready to simply get drunk on wine and cheese samples. That is, until he was ambushed by one last espresso that changed everything for him. The revelation espresso. That espresso that many of us have had that forever changed all our preconceptions about what espresso could be.

Andy later goes on to say, “We eschew adulterations in coffee like sugar and syrups as they are masks to cover bad tasting coffee.”

Did I mention how much I love this guy?

Barefoot Coffee Roasters - South Bay coffee salvation