Today’s Zaman is published in English in Istanbul. So when someone writes an article there about Turkish coffee, you better believe I’m going to pay attention: TODAY’S ZAMAN – Time for a coffee break!.

The article offers some excellent tips for brewing your own Turkish coffee … right at home, without risking Your Own Private Midnight Express: how to make it, the four degrees of sweetness (sade, az şekerli, orta şekerli, and çok şekerli for all you sugar junkies out there), Turkish customs for serving it, etc.

And to think I once had a Turkish housemate who never bothered to teach me this. But I’m not bitter. (You hear that, Levent?! And thanks again for all the times you accidentally dialed “9-1-1” instead of “0-1-1” when making calls back home to Diyarbakir at 6am on a Saturday morning…)

UPDATE: June 8, 2007
And in case the home version leaves you a little unsatisfied, today’s Turkish Daily News published excerpts from Grand Bazaar Guide 2007, offering a few Turkish coffee options in Istanbul: Satisfying the stomach at the Grand Bazaar – Turkish Daily News Jun 08, 2007. They report that Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı) is the largest and oldest covered shopping center of the world. Sure, the Mall of America may have its own rollercoaster, but just imagine the airspace you need for all the flying magic carpets.