When grumbling over tax law conspiracies, some people get steamed over corporations that avoid paying U.S. taxes by incorporating in Bermuda. Others want to start a tax revolt because they might have to pay an extra dime to drink their coffee out of something other than a paper cup: Patterico’s Pontifications » Tax Tip of the Day: Always order your coffee ‘to go’ in California.

Of all the cafés I’ve visited in California, the reality is a lot more complex than the simplistic, “drink here: pay tax; take out: no tax.” Many charge sales tax when ordering “for here”. Others roll it into the price of the drink and won’t be bothered with pennies (and yet don’t offer a “tax discount” for those ordering “to go”). Others still seem to follow different sets of rules depending on who’s behind the register. As a rule, however, the prices cited on CoffeeRatings.com are the listed prices — and may or may not include additional taxes.

Regardless, I’ll gladly pay a premium to enjoy my coffee out of an “adult” cup — despite the conversations about incrementally taxing paper cups for their environmental impact. The extra dime is not only a minor deal for better service and experience, but it pales in comparison to the beverage charge differences you will find in France — as often clearly posted on their tarif des boissons, for example.

Comptoir or salle? That is the question in France. The answer: salle.