As Stumptown Coffee Roasters plans to invade Seattle, today’s Seattle Weekly published an amusing letter of distress from a reader concerned about the coming potential clash of Northwest espresso cultures: Uptight Seattleite: Why This Unfair Prejudice Against Skateboarders? (Seattle Weekly).

The writer also categorizes the local shot pullers in two distinct families:

  1. The Starbucks family, which includes Starbucks itself and its clones, Tully’s and Peet’s: “We despise them like we despise Microsoft, but will use them in a pinch.”
  2. The V’s: Vivace (the original V), Vita, and Victrola: “They’re known for their microroasts, their funky ambience, and the rosette thing they do with the foam.”

Can I get this on pay-per-view?