Thanks to a regular reader who tipped me off to yesterday’s gossip on, a widely read local restaurant scene blog written by an aspiring Hedda Hopper: tablehopper newsletter — june 26. Apparently after a year of searching for just the right location, James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee found a home for his new café, to be named Blue Bottle Café (original, yes?) with plans to open around Halloween. It will be located near the upcoming Mint Plaza — just across Fifth St. from the San Francisco Centre shopping mall (sorry, Westfield, I just don’t buy the branded shopping mall concept).

According to the scuttlebutt, it will be a rather swanky space — complete with a full coffee service, swanky snackables, and “special coffees that will be made from some very special machines” that James wouldn’t divulge more about. Chances are he’s following Ritual Roaster‘s lead with a Clover brewer or two. There is a wild, outside chance he could go the way of Eton Tsuno before Café Organica sadly closed: bringing in a Kees van der Westen-designed Mirage or Mistral. But while it would sure impress in such a location, James comes off a bit too pragmatic to purchase one of those (let alone two!).

Also cited in the article was news of the closure of Philz Coffee on 18th St.. The reason for the closure? The business relationship at that Philz location apparently went as far south and sour as the espresso they served there.