After recently posting on the Flying Goat mothership, the time seemed right to dust off another Flying Goat review I should have published long ago.

This large outlet of “The Goat” (as it is affectionately known by locals), a Healdsburg-based chain café and roastery, is located across from the Santa Rosa train station. Bright and airy space feels like a former Victorian home. It has separate rooms, each with café tables and chairs, outdoor sidewalk seating by the railroad tracks, and a long metal espresso bar for service.

Approaching the Santa Rosa Flying Goat Coffee Inside The Goat, Santa Rosa

The Goat uses a three-group La Marzocco Linea to pull espresso shots with a speckled, medium brown crema of decent thickness. The cup has good merits all around, although the body is a touch thin. Flavorwise, it’s herbal with some spice notes. Served high in Espresso Supply cup (F.A.C.). Their milk frothing is also quite good: thick and decent microfoam.

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A macchiato and espresso at The Goat, Santa Rosa The Santa Rosa Goat's espresso