This is yet another one of those coffeeshops/crêperies with the colored-chalk menu. They have nicer wood benches and tables inside its large, square space. It has an overall Latin feel — from the photos of Peru on the walls, to the employees, to using Martha & Bros. coffee from across the street. Which is unfortunate, because Latinos selling crêpes seems like a missed opportunity for something more authentic. Though off peak hours, the staff will kindly serve your espresso at your table.

Crêpes? Coffee? Colored chalk? What a brilliant concept! Inside Crépe 'n Coffee

Using a two-group La Spaziale, they pull espresso shots with a thin film ring of medium brown crema. It has an ashy odor, but its flavor isn’t as harsh: darker roasted with some mellow caramel hints among a sharper clove-like pungency. Served in large brown ACF cups — without a saucer.

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Crépe 'n Coffee's espresso: advertising for Martha & Bros. across the street