Pim, of local Chez Pim fame, and I go waaay back. In fact, my very first blog post here cited her contrarian-but-oh-so-correct view that berets, croissants, and François Truffaut be damned — French coffee is crap.

OK, she has no clue who I am and likely prefers it that way. But what I do like about her is that for a foodie, she gets the coffee thing. Or at least she has the sophistication and spine to call French merde “crap” when every hubris-stricken gourmet chef in the Bay Area seems to prefer to wallow in their ignorance and spout about how the French have captured the pure essence of café. Au contraire, mes frères! Vous tout êtes des Philistins!

Besides posting that she actually liked the coffee in Spain (in great contrast to France), today Pim also identified a brief coffee vocabulary en la lengua española: chez pim: How to order coffee in Spain.

Sadly, I have yet to experience the coffee in Spain myself … though last October I did sample the local product in Monsanto, about 28 miles from the western border, and it was pretty damn good. Here in SF, you can encounter the rare café cortado — or at least the Cuban equivalent of the cortadito. But while it will undoubtedly beat the mime pants off of anything you could get in France, it may only pale in comparison to la cosa verdadera.

At a Nicola Café in Monsanto