A neighborhood café with some booth seating at the front window and along the back wall. Outside there’s a lone café table, but inside there are a number of small tables with large format modern artwork on the walls. They sell coffee, bagels, panini, sandwiches, and baked goods supplied by Il Fornaio. Their coffee is custom roasted by the diminuitive Sonoma Valley Coffee Roasters, and they also sell their roasts here.

Cafe Luna entrance Inside Cafe Luna

Using a two-group La Spaziale, they pull espresso shots with a medium brown layer of crema – it has a decent thickness and a consistent, even texture. Flavorwise, there’s a bitter edge like you’d find in an over-roasted Martha & Brothers blend. But for the most part it tastes pungent — of cloves and some spice.

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The Cafe Luna La Spaziale is in there somewhere... The Cafe Luna espresso