If you thought American or European coffee marketing was an intense animal, take a peek at what they do over in Japan: UCC Evangelion Project 人類補缶計画. The Ueshima Coffee Company — or UCC, with the English slogan, “Good Coffee Smile” — is a Kobe-based manufacturer of coffee and tea products. They also own a Kona coffee farm on Hawaii’s Big Island and a coffee estate in the famous Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.

UCC just launched a new marketing campaign for “Evangelion coffee”, called “UCC Coffee: Milk & Coffee Evangelion Project.” It is a product tie-in that coincides with the June 18 release of four related anime films with the Evangelion theme. The Japanese are masters of the modern Automat, and canned coffee has been one of the most popular items available from them since it was introduced for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

You know, I always thought Pokémon should have introduced a villain named Professor Overextraction.

UCC Milk & Coffee: Coffee power happy!