I Preferiti di Boriana, or Boriana’s Favorites, is a Ferry Building Marketplace shop that imports wine, coffee, dried pasta, and sauces from Montepulciano, Italy. In fact, it is the only sister location to its Montepulciano-based storefront. They have four bright red, modern, stylish stools at a marble counter for sampling wine and espresso.

I Preferiti di Boriana - now at a high rent storefront near you Stools like this could only come from Italy...

They use a single-group Dalla Corte Super Mini espresso machine imported from Italy, and they import beans from an obscure but well-regarded (at least by many Germans) wood-fired roaster. They pull espresso shots with a darker brown crema that is a little thin on thickness but richer on body (it dissipates somewhat quickly, however). Flavorwise, it’s mostly smoky with tobacco hints (not surprising given the roasting method), albeit a bit watery.

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About the only Dalla Corte machine I've seen in the U.S. Though they have real cups, this is a Boriana's Favorite espresso en carta