Not all public relations professionals are brain-dead. Really. Unfortunately, there are armies of brain-dead PR zombies that routinely clog the media firehose with inane chatter.

One of their favorite zombie techniques? Take a rather inane topic that seems trendy in the media — say, oh, blogging. Then take whatever tired idea you have in front of you from your client and reformulate it — spinning it with as far-fetched a connection as you can make between that tired idea and the rather trendy, inane topic. Then pray that various media outlets are too inundated to fact check, and viola! — you have just hitched your lame story to the coattails of a media fad.

Apparently, one of the reigning media fads is still blogging. Last year we witnessed “coffee for bloggers” (no, I am not making this up). This year, we apparently have “blogging” coffee makers — thanks to the otherwise credible Clover brewer: PRESS RELEASE The First “Blogging” Coffeemaker: The Coffee Equipment Company Launches CloverNet(TM). But upon reading the press release, you quickly realize that by “blogging” they really mean basic data transmission. This is akin to NASA saying that the Mars Explorer is busy blogging from the surface of the Red Planet.

Clover, you make a good product. But don’t screw it up by hiring PR hacks who think we’re morons.

Cold War blogging technology kept hidden for years by the NSA

UPDATE: May 6, 2007
Apparently Rebecca Halleran of Duo PR is the lead zombie who walks the night in search of fresher brains than her own: The First “Blogging” Coffeemaker: The Coffee Equipment Company Launches CloverNet(TM) @ SYS-CON Media.