As much as I don’t like the overly simplistic wine analogy for coffee, the wine snobs are starting to pay their respects to coffee — and the over 1,300 aromatic and flavor compounds it offers more than wine. The latest example comes from the UK: New Consumer | News | Wine taster Angela Mount and Percol coffee join forces.

The wine snob in question is Angela Mount, former chief wine buyer for the upscale UK supermarket, Somerfield. A few years ago, Ms. Mount famously had her taste buds insured for £10m (about $20 million). After working for 15 years on Sumerfield’s wine buying team, last month she opted for the new challenge of coffee at the UK’s award-winning and enviro/ethical touchy-feely Percol.

UPDATE: April 24, 2007
Today the Web site for Decanter magazine also reported on this story: Angela Mount to make coffee the new wine – – the route to all good wine. Which can only suggest that a new wave of coffee snobs are coming en force.