This bakery/café runs as a collective between the San Mateo County coast’s Pie Ranch, Glen Park‘s Destination Baking Company, and the Mission‘s Mission High School. If that doesn’t sound a little confusing, just try finding the place by its address.

Its 2901 Mission St. address will direct you to the corner of Mission & 25th Sts., where you will encounter a local NPR (not that NPR: Neighborhood Public Radio) broadcasting booth and a non-profit community arts center/mapping project that have taken over most of the space (Southern Exposure). While you can reach Mission Pie itself by crawling through the cramped hallways of this space (past various offices and past the bathrooms), it’s much easier to enter through the plain-looking entrance along 25th St., east of Mission St. There you’ll find this bakery/café with a few indoor tables, a long church bench, and a lot of pie.

False lead! Mission Pie is around the corner. Now you know you've arrived at Mission Pie

Using a two-group La Marzocco Linea, they pull slightly larger shots with a lighter brown crema — serving it in a saucerless cup. It isn’t extracted quite properly, and thus the great ingredients give way to a more watery flavor of mild spices. It clearly lacks flavor depth. Still, SF hasn’t seen the regular use of Taylor Maid Farms coffees at a café in over a year now, so that alone may be worth the visit.

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Inside Mission Pie The Mission Pie espresso