Yesterday I ran across an franchisor industry article touting the growth market for drive-thru coffee: Drive-Thru Coffee: Franchisors Compete for Quick, Convenient Delivery. Notable quotes from the article include, “This drive-thru coffee bar franchise was founded … to cater to coffee drinkers with busy lives,” and “As a drive-thru coffee bar, they cater to those of us who want access to high-end coffee, but don’t want to take time out of our busy lives to wait for it. ”

What a complete load of crap. No American is too busy to unhitch their 400-pound derrière from the front seat of their three-ton SUV to shave a handful of seconds off buying a cup of coffee. “Too busy” is a ludicrous premise — unless you’re also willing to pay someone to drink it for you. (Or just have it embedded in the soap of your morning shower: Gulfnews: Wake up and soak up the coffee … in shower!.)

Didn’t we already learn from the demise of 1950s drive-ins and motor homes that living out of your car was generally an option better left to the homeless?