Today’s Chicago Tribune published an article that briefly compared Fair Trade, Direct Trade, and a number of their socially conscious coffee bretheren: All’s not always ‘fair’ in coffee labeling | Chicago Tribune. It’s about time the mainstream media tried to clear the air and dispel some accepted myths about certifications and labelling.

In specific, the article noted how Direct Trade was created by Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Inc. roastmaster and green coffee buyer Geoff Watts “in response to his frustration with ‘Fair Trade.'” Coincidentally, Chicago’s other major paper, the Chicago Sun-Times, also published an article on Direct Trade coffee today featuring Intelligentsia’s Geoff Watts: ‘Fair trade’ gives coffee growers a fighting chance :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Health.

All while I happened to be in Chicago today. Stopping by Intelligentsia’s downtown location this afternoon, I can assure you that all is well in the house where Geoff roasts.

Intelligentsia employees manning their battle stations A Jackson St. Intelligentsia espresso

Intelligentsia's merchandising rack