Now we’ve written before about the importance of a good cup when drinking espresso. And we’ve written that there are times where what’s right for flavor and what’s right for the environment go hand-in-hand. The paper cup issue is the perfect example, and some governments are contributing to the cause: Taiwan to ban paper cups in offices, schools.

This news will cheer American greenies and encourage hopes of similar actions here. But even if we are a nation addicted to convenience, I’d welcome more cafés that would at least offer the option of getting my espresso in a dirty cup. Too often the cafés here — including even good cafés serving good espresso — don’t even bother. Why should your customers take your espresso seriously if you can’t even do the same?

UPDATE: May 17, 2007
In Canada, a regional Councilman from Toronto is proposing that an incremental tax or fee be added to take-out coffee purchases served in cups not made of recyclable material: Osprey Media. – Niagara Falls Review – Ontario, CA.