Today The Oregonian published an interview with David Rittenhouse, who over the past summer started the Portland Oregon Espresso Tasting Society (or P.O.E.T.S.): Opinions flow.

And you guessed it, his top tip for people ordering espresso…?:

If someone pours you a bad shot, don’t be afraid to ask for another one. Everyone has a flat shot sometimes; it just works out that way. If they’re starting a new bag of beans, for example, you may get what’s called a “sink shot.” It just doesn’t taste right.

Yep, you hear that? Send it back. (“Send it back”? — can I get that as my beverage order on a custom Starbucks T-shirt?!) And for the home espresso brewer, he also recommends spending the money on a really good grinder and using beans as fresh as possible. All of which probably sounds familiar to readers here.

What’s probably not so familiar to S.F. coffee lovers is the concept of the Coffee Meetup, which is how P.O.E.T.S. organizes themselves. Surprisingly, S.F. has not yet organized a Coffee Meetup. Yes, if you follow that link, that’s me with the Robert Goulet avatar as #58 on the notification queue — should someone in town be ambitious enough to finally organize one. (Look, don’t ask me — I’m just a dufus with a Web site!)

The closest Coffee Meetup to S.F. is The South Bay Coffee Meetup Group, based in Santa Clara. It will come as no surprise that it was founded by noneother than Andy Newbom of Barefoot Coffee Roasters. Their next meeting is March 5.