In the news today from Bangalore, India has applied for a Geographic Indication (GI) for Monsooned Malabar coffee: Malabar coffee set to get GI brand : Malabar Coffee, Monsooned Malabars, Geographic Indication mark, GI : : CNN-IBN. Some love the stuff, others can’t stand its “funkiness” at times. Whatever it is, it makes a mean espresso blend. (Monsooned Malabar is one of the core components, and the only named bean, of the infamous Malabar Gold blend.)

India’s choice for GI instead of trademarks will be sure to please Starbucks, who are preoccupied with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Harar: What’s in a name? Ethiopia’s battle against Starbucks | FP Passport. (Though in unrelated news today, it looks like Starbucks has a better alternative to their super-automatic Verismo machines to consider … robot baristas!: Japan mixes robotics with tea time – Innovation –