The headline sounds like yet another addition to the popular “sexpresso” story that refuses to just go away. But today’s London Times noted a Rush University (Chicago) study that showed a regular stream of coffee in espresso-sized doses does more for alertness than the “supersized American-style beverage bucket” of morning coffee: Cup size is crucial – Health – Times Online.

Lovely to know. But just how does it taste?

Oh, I forgot. We only drink coffee for medicinal purposes. How silly of me.

UPDATE: April 1, 2007
Where else must bigger always mean better than in Hollywood? Today Fox News reported on the Hollywood celebrity trend of carrying around paper coffee cups in sizes that rival those of inflated celebrity egos: – Hollywood’s Hottest Accessory: The Big Coffee Cup – Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment. Hopefully, like all Hollywood celebrity fads, big cup coffee will soon go the way of the miniature purse dog. Of course, things could be worse — this could be Panama: Panama co. says brews world’s biggest cup of coffee | Oddly Enough | Reuters.