The Northwest Indiana Times ran a story today on the growth of those freaks of coffee consumption, home roasters: Northwest Indiana News: – Coffee Snobs Move on to Homemade Roasts. Home roasting has been around for a while. In fact, a long, long while. Its most recent resurgence has come about over the past decade or so. However, home coffee roasting was pretty much the norm for centuries up until commercial coffee roasters arrived on the scene in the 20th century.

Even so, it’s about time the mainstream media acknowledged the existence of true coffee snobs. Last month I got into a debate with syndicated columnist and “The Wine Guy”, Brian Goodell, that coffee snobs did, in fact, exist. It’s just that wine snobs are little like the Wampanoag around Plymouth Rock, thinking that the Pilgrims who just got off the Mayflower are just an aberration.

However, there’s one comment in the article I have to question: “America’s most finicky coffee drinkers tout their caffeine connoisseurship in many ways.” Caffeine connoisseurship? Excuse me? Why do unimaginative writers always insist on resorting to lame jazz riffs on the word “coffee” by interjecting the word “caffeine”? This is akin to calling a “wine snob” an “alcohol connoisseur” — which takes on a wholly different meaning.

Also in the news today from the Associated Press: Coffee roasting how-to.

UPDATE: November 24, 2006:
This story has also been recycled by other news agencies: Their cup of tea: home-roasted coffee – The Boston Globe.