Today’s Inside Bay Area published an article from the Los Angeles Daily News on Kona coffee tours: Inside Bay Area – At Kona’s coffee farms, visitors may linger over … Paradise in a cup. The article discusses a little about the Kona growing region and its history.

The Kona region on the Big Island of Hawaii has a unique climate for growing excellent island coffee, some of the best in the world, even though it comes at an exhorbitant price. Perched several thousand feet up from sea level off the main highway, it receives rainfall each and every day — a stark contrast to the very dry coastline to the north. Along the highway you will discover several coffee farms offering tours, and the experience is not unlike the organized wine tasting tours offered in places like the Napa Valley.

Greenwell Farms, for example, offers tours of where they grow, process, dry, and even roast their coffee. When I visited there last year, they sold their green beans to the public and have a tradition of inviting anyone to freely pick the (non-coffee) fruit from their trees.

If you’d like to “join the crowds” for Kona coffee tours, look no further than the coming Kona Coffee Cultural Festival to be held Nov. 3-12.