Maktoob Business, the business arm of a popular Arab portal, published an article this week revealing some international consumer attitudes towards coffee and cafés: Coffee culture: a global phenomenon? by Synovate | Maktoob Business.

Interviewing 5,806 respondents in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Serbia, Morocco, and Australia, some of the survey’s findings include the following:

  • Most worldwide consumers appreciate how large multinational coffee chains have improved the coffee quality, despite the known negative local effects.
  • Asians tend to view big coffee conglomerates with less skepticism than Westerners.
  • Americans prefer straight-up coffee, Moroccans prefer lattes, cappuccino is king in Australia, the French prefer espresso (too bad it sucks there), and the mocha is big in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Americans prefered the home coffee experience over that in cafés at a far higher rate than indicated by interviewees from other nations.