Every once in a while it becomes necessary to celebrate an arbitrary milestone. And we have one today: for the first time, CoffeeRatings.com reached 500 active espresso ratings for San Francisco.

What’s so arbitrary about it? For one, the 500 milestone was actually passed many months ago. While CoffeeRatings.com‘s focus has been San Francisco proper, there are a number of non-SF ratings that aren’t currently available (or readily available: e.g., Chicago) through the Web site (by design).

Another arbitrary factor? Although the ratings for CoffeeRatings.com have been compiled in just a little over three years, there has been a bit of churn created by a number of café and restaurant closures in that time. These vary from the high profile examples of Café Organica‘s closure due to labor disputes (among other matters), café ownership changes (e.g., Cafe ? to Cafe Bello and Cafe Melroy to Ajatea Café), Starbucks’ buy out and pillaging of chains such as Torrefazione Italia, and outright closures of hardly missed spots like Trans Cafe … and quite literally a guy named Joe — who sold sidewalk espresso from a mobile Verismo machine he connected by extension cord to the downtown Sherman Clay piano shop. And there are undoubtedly more closures and ownership changes I haven’t discovered yet.

Still, there are plenty of stones left unturned in SF alone. I estimate that between the various corner restaurants with espresso machines to every outlet of Peet’s or Starbucks, there are several hundred more to go. (And unfortunately, most of them are probably too foul to recommend.) So how am I celebrating? By (mostly) taking a few weeks off of posting here, for one, as CoffeeRatings.com is going on assignment. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with spare pictures from review #500: the all-glam-and-no-quality Cocola Bakery & Pastry fittingly in the newly opened cathedral to consumerism, the Westfield Centre.

All behold the Reichstag to poor espresso Looking down to look up