Sunday’s Seattle Times posted an article on the 15th annual Coffee Fest held there over the weekend: The Seattle Times: Local News: Vendors swap tricks of the trade, peddle their wares at Coffee Fest. Coffee Fest is an industry trade show, closed to the public, where the latest business wares and fads tend to come out in spades. They also regularly host a latte art competition.

One of the more interesting lines from the aimless article:

Faema espresso machines from Italy cost $5,900 to $9,000 with discount … an automatic version that tamps, grinds and brews at the touch of a button costs $15,000, but “that one is not popular in the Northwest because of the connoisseurs.”

$6,000 to $9,100 still won’t make a decent barista out of a minimum-wage high school student, but at least it will buy you consistently underwhelming espresso.