At home, I’ve been on a major café cubano kick lately. Part of that could be inspired by the Fidel Castro deathwatch. But a bit of my influence goes back to two very good Cuban expat friends of mine, Rolando and Elena, whom I met when I first moved out on my own to Maryland nearly 20 years ago. They introduced me to my first addictive taste of real Cuban coffee (and my road to hell!) — joking that I needed to sit down before drinking it. They quickly stopped joking when it became clear that my frequent requests for “refills” were also no joke.

Now while I did once have a Turkish housemate, Levent, while working at Stanford, unfortunately the guy never taught me anything about Turkish coffee. Which is a damn shame, because it is also one of my favorite coffee preparations. However, we at least have yesterday’s Turkish Daily News, which published an article on the history of Turkish coffee … and a little on how to prepare it: Delving into the Turkish coffee cup – Turkish Daily News Sep 17, 2006.