Perk Presidio?! Has George Lucas been watching too many episodes of “Friends”?

Nestled in the sterile, futuristic confines of the Presidio’s Lucasland, this café sits in the back of Building C with a wide, concrete patio overlooking the clean buildings, perfect lawns, and beautiful views facing the Palace of Fine Arts. Outdoors there are many green outdoor patio tables; inside there is a lot of minimalist seating space. Magazines for reading and plenty of space for discussing the next movie in the works. Employee discounts for LucasArts and other employees, but the rest aren’t missing a whole lot.

Views of the Palace of Fine Arts from Perk Presidio Cafe - and that's not the geeky Yoda statue Perk Presidio is indistinguishably located on the corner of Bldg. C

They used to dump plastic bags of Uncommon Grounds beans into their brain-dead, single-group Schaerer super-automatic machines. But their espresso has improved with a switch to a two-group Astra, where at least they tamp the coffee in their portafilters. They produce a thinner, medium brown crema (better than the pale, paltry one made by the Schaerer) in a logo cup with no saucer. It has a pungent flavor with hints of cloves (and no longer much ash). Major improvement over when it first opened in 2005. Café service is provided by Guckenheimer, who contracts out food service as scary as at SLAC and as decent as at Levi Strauss’ San Francisco headquarters.

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Inside Perk Presidio Cafe The Perk Presidio Cafe espresso