Back in March I posted an article espousing the taste and espresso-drinking experience virtues of the ceramic cup: Green or not: lose the paper cup. I also poked a little fun at the inevitable “carbon footprint” debate that would follow — i.e., are disposable paper cups more environmentally friendly than a manufactured, regularly washed coffee mug?

Now I appreciate the spirit behind these debates to make ours a better and more sustainable world. But the woeful, agonizing analysis paralysis people can sometimes put themselves through for something as simple as what to floss with borders on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. And sometimes thwarting the whole effort, we can find that some of our assumptions were wrong after the first concensus offers us conventional wisdom — as in the case of paper vs. plastic grocery bags.

But if you’ve been up sleepless nights worrying about how many kilos of CO2 your choice of polyethylene dental floss adds to the atmophere over nylon floss, here’s a post that should set your mind at ease for doing the right thing by the environment as well as your taste buds: Triple Pundit: Ask Pablo: The Coffee Mug Debacle.