Here’s an update for the fellow home roaster geeks who have lamented the demise of Hawaii’s Ka’anapali Farm … from today’s The Maui News: Buzz over coffee has come back to Kaanapali. As reported here in March, I first spotted the return of the Maui Moka bean — easily my favorite bean stock for homemade single-bean espresso — at this year’s Western Regional Barista Competition. Production of the Maui Moka bean had collapsed with the shut down of its parent farm, Ka’anapali Estates, in 2002.

According to the article, James “Kimo” Falconer, formerly of Ka’anapali Estates, has succeeded in saving the Maui Moka bean — plus three other other former Ka’anapali Estate varieties — and returning them to production. They are reappearing under the MauiGrown Coffee label with the harvest of this year’s crop ready to begin later this month.

Naturally, I’ve already e-mailed James for my order of greens. If you’re remotely curious about this bean, I strongly suggest you do the same (either as green or roasted beans). This is a great story of one man’s commitment to revive an exquisite coffee varietal.