I’ve built up a pretty good tolerance for caffeine over the years. This after the (shocking?) truth that I once gave up coffee, and virtually all forms of caffeine, for a couple of years after a personal “purification” experiment following sinus surgery in 2000. It only took a return trip to Rome for me to recognize the sheer folly of all that. Now I often down a couple of homemade, double filter basket espressos before bed and yet sleep like a baby.

And it’s true that a properly prepared espresso has less caffeine than many other forms of coffee — and, in some cases, even less than tea. But there are times where even I discover my caffeine limits — like the first time I visited Cafe Organica, and I just had to try four different double espressos with different bean variations within about an hour. Talk about seeing stars.

Yesterday the Deutsche Presse Agentur published an article on caffeine tolerance, and the variance of caffeine in espresso depending on the degree of coffee roasting and preparation method: The Raw Story | The caffeine hit – listen to your body to find your coffee limits By Thorsten Wiese.