Today the San Mateo Daily Journal noted that San Carlos is cooling off on a proposal to scale back the number of coffee shops in their downtown: Coffee shop ban idea back on the burner – San Mateo Daily Journal. Of course, the measure was proposed in response to news of a second planned Starbucks in the area — causing some of the local coffee shops, and Uptown Cafe in particular, to seek protection over competition.

Meanwhile, in not entirely unrelated news, Starbucks announced plans to start a joint venture in India, with retail stores opening first in Delhi or Mumbai: domain-B : Indian business : industries : US coffee retailer Starbucks plans India chain. Starbucks may have failed in countries such as Israel and New Zealand, but perhaps prostitution rings are their next opportunity for growth in the entertainment industry. (There’s no word yet if the William Morris Agency intends to begin casting for Pretty Woman: Mumbai at these new locations.)