Can really stomach a business that institutionalizes the “values” of to go espresso in a paper cup? While it’s far from our favorite, it does go down in a pinch.

This mobile espresso cart service at Mission & Spear Streets sometimes runs another location at the diagonally opposite end of the city block (around the corner at the 120 Howard St. courtyard). Of course, there’s no place to sit in either location and everything is ordered “to go”, but you knew that. However, west down Mission St., past the Working Girls’ Cafe, there’s some open air/corporate park seating if you’d prefer not to down your espresso like a marathon runner at a water stop.

A coffee cart in the shadow of a ship's propeller Working the Brasilia machine

Using a three-group Brasilia and their own Eureka Coffee beans, they serve espresso shots from a three-group Brasilia into a small paper cup — when available. When the small paper cups are not available: beware; they will instead use large paper cups and the barista will intentionally overextract the coffee to fill them.

The crema is typically thin and an uneven medium brown; it dissipates quickly and regularly contains larger bubbles. Flavorwise, it’s generally smoky with a touch of ash. There are better and worse espresso options in the area. But if you’re wearing a marathon number, this isn’t a bad option.

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Proudly served in paper cups Not shabby despite the packaging