This “living room” environment on the north end of Potrero Hill has a large space with modern seating indoors. They also have a large, private patio in back with many tables and large sun umbrellas. The staff seem motivated to make a higher-quality espresso, and for the most part they deliver on that.

Approaching the Axis Cafe Inside the Axis

Using a Mr. Espresso-supplied three-group Iberital, they pull espresso shots with a thicker medium brown crema into black ceramic designer cups. It surprisingly has a thinner body than the crema might suggest, and there’s something of a watered-down edge to the otherwise spice-and-herbal flavor.

A good neighborhood espresso in a nice space (when you can catch it open during weekday hours). With some fine tuning in pulling the shots (they did ask if I wanted a ‘short’ shot at least) and keeping the extraction low, they have the potential for some greatness. They also tend to serve a rather ample amount of coffee ground grit at bottom of the cup, however.

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Axis' Iberital The Axis espresso