This sister café to the Crissy Field Center is (less and less) inferior yet more popular — with the Golden Gate Bridge just outside. They serve the usual soup, sandwiches, baked goods, juices, and espresso. They have a few indoor tables and a lot of outdoor seating on benches and in the shade.

Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, you know you need the Warming Hut Food and beverages inside The Hut

They serve a custom blend from Mr. Espresso — and the staff seem to know Luigi (which is a good sign). Using a three-group Mr. Espresso Rancilio machine, they serve a very large espresso in a short paper cup with an decent layer of medium-brown crema. It has an herbal flavor with some tobacco notes. This place originally overextracted their shots a bit, but that (and their espresso) has since improved with shorter pours of late. Their weekday baristas here are also generally better than the ones on weekends.

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The Warming Hut suggests: paper cups?! The Warming Hut espresso