WCAV TV in Charlottesville, VA published four video segments on the basics of coffee roasting: WCAV | More To Coffee Than Just Beans. These clips were taken from today’s Good Morning Charlottesville morning show.

Like many local TV news morning shows, the cast of characters generally proves these shows are local TV’s answer to radio’s drive time shock jock idiocy. But if you make it past the hairspray and the faux-friendly inter-anchor chit chat, they provide a decent visual representation of the roasting process.

All four segments were aired live from Charlottesville’s Shenandoah Joe roastery, and they each consist of the following topics:

  1. Green beans; the bean selection process
  2. The roaster (here a classic San Franciscan roaster), the roasting process, and the cooling tray; techniques for controlling the roasting process
  3. Coffee preparation: the waste of pre-ground coffee; French press preparation; espresso preparation (using an ECM Giotto machine and a Mazzer grinder)
  4. Review of the roaster; roasting for different flavors

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