A recent arrival near Hayes Valley, Caffé Trieste calls their latest café location “downtown” (www.caffetriestedowntown.com). This makes their fourth in addition to their Sausalito, Berkeley, and original North Beach locations.

The new café is a bit like the North Beach mothership: photos of Bill Cosby and Loni Anderson deck the walls, and there’s an Italian mural on the back wall. But this location is decidedly newer and more modern. There are nicer wood floors and furniture, flat screen monitors with Internet access, and a greater emphasis on exotic teas. In front there is a closed off array of patio tables along the Market St. sidewalk.

Approaching Caffé Trieste from Market St. Caffé Trieste's Model 95-22 La San Marco

When it comes to the espresso, they use a three-group, Line 95 La San Marco machine to produce shots with a thin layer of lighter brown crema that dissipates quickly. Flavorwise, it’s ashy and somewhat bitter. A genuine disappointment for fans of good espresso. Served in wide-mouthed, brown ACF ceramic cups.

Like more than a few Italian-styled SF cafés, the exuberance is high for Italy’s matchup with France in the 2006 World Cup final this Sunday. Caffé Trieste is helping locals get their fix with a flat screen TV in the back. Forza Italia!

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