So how’s your Norwegian? A press release published today on Norwegian air travel site,, announced the availability of “true Italian espresso” on the central European discount airline, SkyEurope: : SkyEurope introduces Illy espresso on board. And to help seal the deal, the press release pulls out a photo op with their favorite Slavic beauty queens to demonstrate.

Perhaps this isn’t as poorly conceived as the espresso-machine-in-a-car idea we heard about last year. Airline food has always been a joke, but then so has coffee — at least until recently. So the idea of higher quality espresso beverages for air travelers isn’t all that ridiculous as an airline marketing strategy — particularly when you compare this to the 3,000 pounds of take-off weight some airlines have recently added just for in-flight entertainment systems (many of these same airlines rejected lighter safety systems on the basis of take-off weight).

But no La Marzoccos here. The airline-hardened machines they chose to fly are made by relative no-name Iacobucci of Italy. And although Illy isn’t exactly my choice for great espresso, it will do in a pinch — and will do well for most palates.

I won’t be going out of my way to catch a flight on SkyEurope anytime soon. But the continuing trend for consumers to demand better espresso just about anywhere has now reached 30,000 feet of cruising altitude.